Oil vs Water based Paints

When it comes to painting your home, the choices of paint might seem rather overwhelming. However, it comes down to 2 primary splits: oil based paint and water based paint.

What are their differences?

Oil based paint can typically take longer for drying and curing than water based paint. However, it is much more durable than water based paint. When you’re painting with oil paint, cleaning the brushes will require chemicals such as paint thinner. Oil based paint can also provide a much smoother and higher quality finish.

When you should use them

You should consider using oil-based paint on surfaces that will naturally take frequent beatings and abuse such as exteriors, floors, doors, trim, and furniture. Water based paint is great for surfaces that don’t get lots of wear and tear such as walls and ceilings.

Water based paint is also referred to as latex paint. Water based paint doesn’t actually use latex, it typically uses acrylic resins or vinyl. Most of the paint you’ll find will be water-based, with about 75% of paint in high street stores being this type.

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