Interior Design Trends of 2021

Making your home perfect has never been more important, especially as we spend longer in our houses. Keep up to date with the latest interior design trends for this year.

Yellow & Grey

Little Greene Richmond Green Platinum Wallpaper

Pantone announced their colours of 2021, and rather unusually, chose two: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. According to Pantone, the selection of two independent colours highlight “how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”

Grounding Earth Shades

Little Greene Chimney Brick 247

With the influence of Dulux’s Colour of the Year as Brave Ground and Little Green’s latest paint range to be released in January 2021, there is a trend towards a natural, earthy colour palette. Look for warm greends, deep reds, and browns and tans. These colours are warming and comforting, offering relief and relaxation at home.

Warm Colours

Jane Churchill Fabrics

Warm colours in your home can help you feel cosy and comfortable. These warm colours work wonderfully with neutral tones, which will add depth to any space. Furthermore, a splash of these colours will add a playful element of colours, so try burnt oranges, jewel pinks, and peacock blues as a start. Adding these colours in your decor such as pillows, throws, and more.

Ocean Shades

Ian Sanderson Ink Blot Aqua Blind

Although we can’t all escape to a tropical ocean view, adding the colours of relaxing poolsides and beach getaways are a new trend for 2021. These colours offer a calm and contemporary look to reflect a tranquil and modern style with colours associated with peace, calm, and comfort. Vary from deep ink tones to softer aquas.

Moody Blue Kitchens

Little Green Woad 251

Dark Blue kitchens have been flooding the Social Media feeds of many. In fact, there has been an increase of moody blue kitchens by 147%. Tap into this trend on your feeds and even try it in your own home. Blue kitchens can work well timeless styles as well as minimalistic, modern designs.

Deep Green Walls

Little Greene Hopper 297

Adding the colours of nature into your home will help reinforce your connection to outside. Dark and earthy greens can truly transform your space and enjoy the benefits of the outside in your own home.

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