Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Whether you’re now working from home or you want to turn a spare bed into a workspace, home offices are becoming more and more popular. Create the perfect creative and productive area with Blakes Interiors & Decor and our top styling and decorating tips!

Office Blues

home office ideas

Forget the drab office blues when you’re waiting the 5pm to hit, and add blue to your new home office – literally! Blues have a wonderful calming effect which is ideal for stressful times in your home office. Use a range of different blues to keep lots of interest.

Bring the Outside In 

home office ideas

Invite the beauty of outdoors in for the best productivity in the home office. Go literal with nature inspired wallpapers and don’t forget a few house plants as well for that fresh feeling!

Accent Walls for Creativity

home office ideas

If you have a creative role, you need a creative space! Choose bold accent walls with bright colours to get your mind working, as well as creating a large illusion if your new office is in a small room. 

Go Retro

home office ideas

We’re loving modern takes on retro home offices. This 70s inspired metallic wallpaper gives a pop of colour and intrigue with the pattern to get your brain turning, combined with 70s home furnishing touches. 

Scandi Style

Go minimalist with Scandi style design. Keep the majority of the rooms in various tones of neutral but adding pops of subtle colour to ensure a fresh and invigorating space. 

A Tidy Office is a Tidy Mind

Don’t let clutter take over your home office. Find unique ways to store your belongings that stand out in a clean and stylish way. 

Black is the New Black

home office ideas

If you prefer a super sleek style with sharp lines, don’t be afraid to go to the dark side! Dark greys and blacks are a beautiful with bright accents to focus the eye. This is ideal for rooms with lots of natural light. 

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